Booking a SAFE Workers of Tomorrow presentation guarantees that your students or group will receive authentic and useful information from relatable sources such as young workers, peers, and individuals affected by workplace tragedies. The presentation covers various topics including identifying workplace hazards, preventing workplace accidents and injuries, working with chemicals using W.H.M.I.S., employer and employee health and safety responsibilities in Manitoba, utilizing personal protective equipment, and actions to take in case of workplace injuries.

Since 1997, we've delivered over 55,000 workplace safety presentations to new and young workers, providing them with valuable health and safety information and materials. Our team of presenters travels province-wide, offering both general and vocation-specific presentations, while our volunteers share their personal stories to help create a culture of safety and health among the province's future workforce.

General Workplace Safety

This is our basic one-hour presentation and it will provide information to participants about their Workers’ Rights and their employer’s responsibilities under the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act. It also covers general workplace hazard categories and personal protective equipment, the importance of reporting workplace injuries, and an introduction to the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba. This presentation helps young workers prepare for the Young Worker’s Readiness Certificate.

EAL Workplace Safety

These presentations are between 1 and 1.5 hours long and provide information similar to the general one, but are modified to suit the CLB language levels. Simple wording and pictures are used according to the group’s level. Our presenters can also work with interpreters to suit your specific program.

WHMIS Awareness

The WHMIS awareness course is an educational session and is not a replacement for actual on-the-job WHMIS training. This course will provide basic information about what WHMIS is and covers various topics related to chemical safety in workplaces. We discuss labeling requirements, Safety Data Sheets, chemical classifications, and information on employer-led training requirements for the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. This session can be adjusted in length from 1 to 3 hours to suit your participant’s needs.

Employment Standards

This popular presentation focuses on the Manitoba Employment Standards Code. This course discusses what Employment Standards are, and looks at things like minimum wages, hours of work and overtime, deductions, vacation, general holidays, unpaid leaves, young employee restrictions, and termination. The length is approximately one hour but may run longer depending on audience participation and questions. 

Full Practicum

The full-day session offered by SAFE Workers of Tomorrow is designed to align with a typical school day. It begins in the morning and concludes either when finished or at the end of the school day, whichever comes first. This comprehensive program combines classroom lectures and practical experience during the afternoon. It allows participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge in a real workplace setting.

Mini Practicum

Similar to the full practicum for the morning presentation except there is no external audit at a local business. Instead, the participants will audit one of their schools’ vocational areas, gym, or custodial areas. The mini practicum is 2 to 3 hours in length and there is no need to transport students.

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When you book a SAFE Workers of Tomorrow presentation, you can be confident that your students or young learners will hear from people they can relate to—young workers, classmates, and those who have been affected by workplace tragedies.

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