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What presentations do you offer?

We currently offer:
• Workplace Safety
• Employment Standards
• WHMIS Awareness
• Practicums (Mini & Full)

How long are your presentations?

The following are the approximate presentation lengths but the time can be adjusted to fit your class schedule.

General Workplace Safety Presentation (1 hour)
Employment Standards (1 hour)
WHMIS Awareness (2 hours)
Practicums (Safety Audit?)
Mini practicum: (1.5- 3 hours)
Full-day practicum: (9 am- 3:30 pm) This workshop can be accommodated to fit your class time even if that means doing it on more than one day.

Do you charge for the presentation?

There is no cost for our presentations as we are a non-profit organization that receives funding from the Workers Compensation Board and the Province of Manitoba.

Do you present to groups outside of high schools?

Yes, we present to:
• EAL (English as an Additional Language) programs
• Work experience programs
• Colleges
• Universities
• Youth groups
• If your group does not fit into one of these categories, please contact us and we will to do our best to accommodate

How do you adapt your program for English as an additional language program?

Our experienced presenters can adjust the presentation to the level of the class by using simple words and pictures to help with understanding. Our presenters can send a list of words that may be new to the students so the instructor can review the new words with the students prior to our presentation. Presentations are often performed with the help of interpreters. Presentations can be adjusted to fit the length of your class and to accommodate the needs of the students such as taking breaks, talking slowly and opportunities for questions throughout the presentation.

Do you offer in-person presentations or virtual presentations?

Presentations can be provided in-person or virtually. While we believe that in-person presentations are more impactful, we are willing to conduct virtual presentations when necessary.

Do you offer your presentations in French?

Yes. We deliver presentations in both French and English.

Do you give out certificates for your WHMIS presentation?

Our WHMIS presentation should not be considered training, it is for awareness only. Employers have the legal requirement to provide WHMIS education and training for their workers specific to the work being done. Please see this for more details.